” Fate in a Pleasant Mood! ” like said Sun Ra !

SYMBOLE is born from magical alignements and resonances.

The story started in Guadeloupe (FWI) by the meeting of the DJ & digger Mambo Chick with the great pianist Patrick Jean-Marie while making her research in Guadeloupe.

For us, recordings are as Piece of Art and historical witness and we though our release in an esthetic & historical dimension, the file was treated as a historical documenta special care for archives (faithfully restored), as Art-Objects (hand-made LP cover by artist).

SYMBOLE celebrates Music and Musical Heritage, not as a nostalgic attachment to the past, but to respect History and the collective memory, to connect souls beyond time.

The symbol always refers to a broader content, than its immediate and obvious meaning.

Originally, (σ υ μ-β α λ-λ ε ι ν), a symbol is an object cut in half so that, following a quest, the parts reunited allow to recognize each other.

Connecting souls beyond time.

“Love will find a way”